BAM Booster Club



The booster club is the governing body of Bainbridge Aquatic Masters. Our board members are elected for 2-year terms and make business decisions that guide the functioning of the swim team. Our primary purpose is to support our coach and swimmers with equipment purchases, educational clinics, funding for coach travel and social activities. 

We hope that all BAM swimmers will become Booster Club members with their $35 annual donation. Annual sign-up for the Booster Club is part of general BAM registration. Your donation offers the entire team:

  • Locally hosted swim clinics and seminars

  • Team gear, including caps, t-shirts, etc.

  • New equipment to improve training and stroke technique

  • Social events to get to know your fellow swimmers

  • Sending Coach April to select coaching clinics

  • Helping to keep the BAM program strong in our community



KEN BENNETT, President

The best word to describe the BAM team is....inspiring!

My favorite place to swim is... The pool, Wildcat Lake, the Sound. I love them all.

My day job is...Writer. Author. Word herder.

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is...butterfly.

If I could swim any set, it would be mostly...distance and pacing.

I swim's a blast.

My favorite post-swim food is...scrambled eggs with potatoes and kale. Either that or a pint of Italian Chocolate from Mora.


JOE RICHARDS, Vice-President

More to come!


NICK SCHNEE, Treasurer

My favorite thing about Master's swimming is.... being part of a team and continuing to learn in the pool.

If I’m not swimming I'm.... working or riding bikes with my daughters.

My day job is.... environment, health, and safety technology consultant.

I swim because… I feel better and am a nicer person after working out.

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is.... not breathing in and out of turns.  

When I think about swimming open water, I feel... great respect for those that do it! It's a challenge I have not yet taken on, but something I can grow into with BAM's support.

My favorite post-swim food is... pizza.


JAN FICK, Secretary

The best word to describe the BAM team is...dedicated.

If I’m not swimming I'm...scheming on how to get together with my kids, my family, and my friends.

My day job is...perfect! ;)  I’m retired as a full-time Mom and I spend my free time actively volunteering in our community.

I swim because…I can, and I never take that gift for granted.

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is...being powerful coming off the wall.

 My favorite post-swim food is…coffee with my friends followed by yogurt, fresh fruit, and toasted almonds. 


JESSICA DUBEY, Communications Director

My favorite thing about Masters swimming is....seeing how I (and my teammates) continue to improve.

My favorite place to swim is...Manzanita Bay, at dawn.

If I’m not swimming I'm...riding my bike.

My day job is...communications program manager at Starbucks. 

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is...less effort, more speed. And butterfly. Which is basically the same thing, right?

My favorite post-swim food is…coffee and a morning glory muffin. And then more coffee.

GREG COLE, Co-Meet Director

The best word to describe BAM is...inspiring.

My favorite thing about Master's swimming is...the coaching.

If I'm not swimming I'm...estimating how many years it will take to be able to swim the 200 fly based on current progress.

My pool pet peeve is...the hard walls and sharp lane lines.

The thing I most want to learn in the pool technique for freestyle and fly, backstroke and breaststroke be damned.

If I could swim any set it would be...150 and 200 freestyle, 100 with a pull-buoy, the remainder without.


RODNEY DWYER, Co-Meet Director

If I could swim any set, it would be...a set of 25s alternating fly-free-breast-free each 25. 

My favorite post swim food is...Thai food.

I swim because...My body needs it. 

My day job is...Ocean Engineer.

Why I like masters swimming...I love the sense of community and the camaraderie.

TOM GOODLIN, Member-at-large

If I could swim any set, it would be mostly...freestyle pulling

I learned to swim when I was...18 months old, according to my parents. I would hold my breath and swim underwater as far as I could go.

When I think about swimming open water, I feel...unhappy about the jelly fish.

My day job is...performing groundwater evaluations of contaminated sites with an environmental consulting firm.

My favorite post-swim food is...peanut butter and honey sandwich