BAM Booster Club



The booster club is the governing body of Bainbridge Aquatic Masters. Our board members are elected for 2-year terms and make business decisions that guide the functioning of the swim team. Our primary purpose is to support our coaches and swimmers with equipment purchases, educational clinics, funding for coach travel and social activities. 

We hope that all BAM swimmers will become Booster Club members with their $35 annual donation. Annual sign-up for the Booster Club is part of general BAM registration. Booster Club members can pay their annual donation via PayPal: BAM Booster Club PayPal Link

Your donation offers the entire team:

  • Locally hosted swim clinics and seminars

  • Team gear, including caps, t-shirts, etc.

  • New equipment to improve training and stroke technique

  • Social events to get to know your fellow swimmers

  • Sending Coach April, Coach Stretch and Coach Kate to select coaching clinics

  • Helping to keep the BAM program strong in our community

  • Short term financial assistance (for BAM dues) for those who are truly in need




My favorite thing about Master's swimming is.... The possibility of making steady improvement at something.  There’s no magical breakthrough to swimming, at least for me.  It’s simply something to work away at, and take satisfaction from along the way.

If I’m not swimming I'm.... Usually near the water.  We live about a five minute walk from Lytle Beach, I love to sail and sea kayak, and in the summer we are frequently down at the beach in late evening.

My favorite place to swim is…. Kitsilano Pool in Vancouver.  It’s right next to English Bay, it overlooks the city and the northshore mountains, it’s 150 meters long, and swimming there is like being in the bay 20 feet away.

My day job is.... I work with cities on questions of real estate and economic development.

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is.... How do do the butterfly so it is not a struggle down the pool and back.

My favorite post-swim food is... An apple fritter at Town and Country.  It’s sweet and fat-filled, but once a week, after a longer Saturday work-out, I make a trek down there and enjoy one.   


More to come!

Sara Tifft (2).JPG

SARA TIFFT, Treasurer

My favorite thing about Master's swimming is.... Great people, great coaching, and I learn something new at every practice.

My favorite place to swim… Lake Fairlee, Vermont

If I’m not swimming I'm.... Reading, at the gym, walking the dog, cooking.

My day job is.... "Retired" from a career in global public health as of February 2018!

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is.... Flip turns, butterfly, dive off the blocks.

My favorite post-swim food is... Whatever is in the fridge from last night.



My favorite thing about Masters swimming is.... that I swim a lot more and get more of a workout than if I swam on my own - and of course, there is the great group of people on the team!

My favorite place to swim is... the ocean in Hawaii

If I’m not swimming I'm... bicycling, walking the dog, doing artwork or taking pictures or traveling 

My day job is... a photographer and artist

The thing I most want to learn in the pool is... butterfly and do an IM at the next BAM fest

My favorite post-swim food is… Odwalla Chai Vanilla Protein drink


SHEILA ANDREWS, Communications Director

Bio to come!

Jessica Dubey2.jpg

JESSICA DUBEY, Meet Director

The best word to describe BAM

My favorite thing about Master's swimming is...the challenge.

If I'm not swimming I'm...drinking coffee.

My pool pet peeve is...7 people in a lane! Even though I love you all...

The thing I most want to learn in the pool to do a perfectly vertical flip turn without getting water up my nose.

If I could swim any set it would be...broken 400 IM.


QUYNH-ANH NGUYEN, Member-at-large

Bio to come!

June 22, 2019